Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Favourites

Wow... January flew by so quickly so I guess it's time for me to share my January favourites! 

SkincareFRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream


Okay.  So, I have been pretty faithful to my skincare line but this year I figured I wanted to start some new things.  One of the things I was introduced to by a sales associate at Sephora was this cream.  I was a bit skeptic, but when I tried it I started to love it.  So I decided I would buy a jar and if I broke out I could return it (thank God for the amazing return policy at Sephora).  I started adding it to the end of my morning routine especially since it starts getting pretty cold and dry here in the great North.  

I don't really know how it has 'preserved my youth' but it hasn't broken me out and it doesn't smell super strong so it's great!  It's not too oily but does give me enough moisture to my skin.

Try it out!
Makeup: Benefit's Dandelion 


You know those days when you get 2 hours of sleep but you really need 8.... you could use some of this.  It's true what they say that lip colour and cheek colour brightens up your skin.  Just a heavy sweep of this on your cheek will liven you up... use the excess all over your face and you're golden. So travel-friendly with it's built in mirror and brush included, see my travel beauty kit here.

Wake up late? Try some of this. (see my review here!)

Book Nails Song: Safe by Phil Wickham

When the world seems like it is falling apart.  For those of you with a broken heart.   Listen up. The Hands that hold the world are holding your heart.

I feel as if I've gone through a whole lot these past few weeks...months... sometimes you keep it in, but songs and words like this call me back everytime and I am still here. Still fighting...because I know that God is watching over me not matter what happens.  And I think it all happens for a reason, so that I come back stronger than ever back to Him.  So yay... forever alone but not actually alone because I will be with God :)

Clothing Item: BOGS

So what are BOGS? I LOVE THEM... I may need to get a new pair but I just bought Hunters... so probably not yet.  I've had them since first year, but I looked at the bottom but it seems like my soles are starting to rub down (maybe I should take a look at my gait since it looks a bit weird....)  

I have the tall ones so it's nice and plastic-y by the feet so I don't get water/snow in it and neoprene by the top which water still doesn't seem to get in.  It is also super warm and insulated on the inside so I can wear it in the winter (so cold up here we had a cold day...not a snow day...cold day) and all the other days when it rains (which is...all the days.)

Due to the crazy winter we've been having this has been an essential...good thing it's anti-slip and has a good grip!

Quote: Emily Heller: Single

People tell me that 2014 is the year of love.  get it... 20 (02) --- 14 .... sooo February 14?  Year of love. 

I think I'm the one.  #foreveralone

Food: Frozen Udon

I love my simple snacks.  I finally found it in the frozen section at my local asian supermarket.  Add some chicken broth and some frozen balls (like the one from my last post here) and there you go...dinner. #universitystudentproblems

I hope you enjoy all of these as much as I do! Share your favourites down in the comments section! :D

Thoughtfully yours,

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