Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rant, Swatch, Review: Maybelline Colour Whisper

I distinctly remember as a kid asking "why would anybody want to wear lipstick?" And honestly, up until I turned 20, lipsticks still weren't so big on my mind.  I definitely attribute this new strange fascination to my age.  (On the other hand Addie has been using lipstick consistently through high school... maybe I'm a late bloomer.)  

I personally LOVE these 'lipsticks' because I love the 'my lips but better' (MLBB) look.  But even more so because I am in the midst of trying new colours and looks.  My mom always yells at me for not looking put together enough for my age (unlike Addie who is always dressed nicely.)  

I saw reviews of this on frmheadtotoe and I really wanted to try it!  My friend also raved about it so the next time we went to Target... I snapped.  I bought 3 and they weren't even on sale!!  As you can see my collection grew (the orange one isn't mine though, I'm not bold enough to try it yet!)

Click here to see Maybelline's description of this product.

(L-R: 25 - Lust for Blush, 30 - Pin Up Peach , 40 - Orange Attitude, 45 - Who Wore It Red-er, 55 - One Size Fits Pearl, 70 - Faint for Fuchsia, 75 - Rose of Attraction)
So I took the time to swatch the lipsticks on my forearm (about 4-8 swipes) just to see the colour.  They are relatively sheer in general but as you can see the colours can build.

Review: (10 being the most of everything)
Lasting Power: 4/10 -- doesn't last very long, so it may not be the best for people who hate reapplying, but it is meant to be quite sheer

Moisture: 8/10 -- I find it to be quite moisturizing, I imagine that I will be wearing this a lot this winter

Pigment: 2/10 -- this is meant to be a sheer lipstick so ... yeah. But it is quite buildable.

Stickiness: 1/10 -- not sticky at all! that's great!! It feels more like me putting a lip balm on vs. lipstick/gloss

Overall, I don't really taste the lipstick or smell anything.  Obviously I'm biased, but like I said, if sheer isn't for you, you probably won't LOVE this.  That being said, if it is on sale I would pick one up to try it out! :) -- Addie is going to need to do this.  

If I could change one thing about this lipstick would be... no sparkles please.  It really isn't that shimmery but I prefer more nude/natural lipsticks. (well, I don't love sparkly eye shadows or blushes either so that's just my preference).

I find myself throwing 'Rose of Attraction' in my backpack and know that it always works for me!  Also, one size fits pearl is great to carry around with you to put on top of a dying lipstick colour throughout the day :)

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