Wednesday, October 23, 2013

University Student Solutions: Exam Essentials


As midterms are coming close to an end... that means Finals are right around the corner!

Here are a few essential items to make sure you pack to your exams.

1. HB Pencil (lead/pencil sharpener)

Most exams I have written have required me to bring a pencil to fill in the bubbles for my scantron card.  Make sure it is HB.  If you are using a mechanical pencil, consider bringing an extra incase it breaks; don't forget to bring some lead as well.  If you are using the old school pencils, bring a pencil sharpener (and an extra as well!).

2. Eraser
How else would you be able to correct your answers on your scantron card?  Or you may not make mistakes, but no harm in bringing one just in case.  Try to find a eraser that works for you (removes marks completely).  Personally, I love my Staedtler one; it removes EVERYTHING.

3. Student Card/Photo Id
Don't forget to bring your student card or some sort of government issued photo identification so your proctors can verify who you are!  I've seen people get turned away from exam rooms because of it!

4. Water Bottle

I always bring a water bottle with me, especially if it is a long exam! I love my camelbak because it doesn't leak (not yet at least) and I can sip it like sipping a smoothie through a straw.  Sometimes the exam rooms are a bit dehydrating so... sip up! :)

5. Sweater

Sometimes exam rooms are super chilly, especially in the summer.  In the winter, they get extremely hot.  This poses the biggest dilemma.  My advice? LAYERS.  Bring a sweater and wear a t-shirt.  If you are already a wearing a sweater and it gets too hot, at least you have something underneath that you can wear (e.g. not just your bra).  If you are wearing a t-shirt bring a sweater just in case it gets too cold.  I sometimes even double up, especially when the exam is written in a gym hall.

6. Other:


Some other items you may need to bring, dependent on what your professor may have told you in class.  They may include: calculators, pens, highlighters, rulers, pencil crayons, textbooks, dictionaries, ziplock bag, etc.  

Pro Tip: Pack your bag the night before so that you won't be in a rush when packing up your backpack to leave for your exam if you are running late! 

Also, don't forget to eat a nice healthy breakfast (check out Breakfast in 5 by Addie) before your exam so your brain has energy! 

With that, all the best.  Good luck. 

And may the odds be ever in your favour.
can't wait till Catching Fire comes out!

Thoughtfully yours,


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