Sunday, October 20, 2013

Breakfast in 5

I recently was gifted a breakfast sandwich maker. Little did I know it would change my life. C.C. is a big advocate for starting the day with a healthy breakfast (and also forcing me to do exercises. I mentioned she was a nutcase, right?). On the other hand, I tend to run out the door with a granola bar or skip breakfast entirely.

I use a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. For someone that is constantly on the go, it's great to have something that requires little clean-up and only takes 5 minutes (literally). Additionally, it's great for making late night snacks or to use as a mini grill.

Here's how simple it is...
My breakfast sandwich maker

Cheese on an English muffin

Add ham

Wait until 'ready' light is on

Place sandwich base on bottom

Crack egg and place top of English muffin directly on top.

 Close and set timer for 5 minutes

 Voila! Breakfast in 5.

I've also experimented with the ingredients in my sandwiches. Some of my favourite things to include are tomatoes, brie cheese, tomatoes, various meats and other leafy vegetables. 

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