Thursday, October 24, 2013

20 Twenty-something Essentials

Being a twenty-something means growing up. Although you don't have to be a full adult, there are some essentials you will need. Here's our list...

1. post-its 

2. A good face wash (Invest in your skin)

3. Interview clothes

4. An organizer

5. A kettle

6. A good loofah

7. Cup(s) of tea

8. A quality bra

9. LBD (little black dress)

10. A reliable friend 

11. A cookbook or two

12. A grown-up email address

13. Tampons

14. White T-shirt

15. A savings account

16. A reliable water bottle (preferably one that can hold hot and cold drinks)

17. A nice tote bag

18. A simply, comfy pair of heels

19. Nice leggings

20. Health awareness (physical, mental etc.)

Thoughtfully yours,



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