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18nineteen…twentysomething is a blogging project we decided to start after entering our twenties. For us, being twenty-somethings is the perfect place to grow, learn and discover. As we're finding our way and figuring out how to transition out of university into the real world, we decided to document our experiences and findings.  
18nineteen…twentysomething will share our real life experiences and insights we gained from them.  We will feature travel, product reviews, valuable tips among many other topics. We're always open to feedback and requests and look forward to reading your comments soon.

Here's a little bit about us…

I'm currently finishing a degree in science . My interests include photography, travel, DIYs, food and fashion. My future plans are to be a famous food critic and globe-trotting travel blogger (we'll see). I met my nutcase of a best friend, C.C., in university and am excited for us to continue on this twenty-something adventure together.

I'm the nutcase best friend that is currently caught up in a whirlwind of school and work. Commonly described as a workaholic, I am actually a student studying the beautiful French language and playing sports for marks (not doing any sports this semester). I am passionate about my Jesus, as well as food, experience-based learning, knitting and tea. I also love pandas. As for me, I am still lost as to what I want to do in the future, but I'm hoping that my (18nineteen..) twenty-somethings will get me there.

We sincerely hope that you'll enjoy our blog, share some of your own wisdom, and partake in this journey with us.

Thoughtfully yours,


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