Friday, January 24, 2014

C.C.'s Christmas and New Year Adventure: Hong Kong, Seoul, Paris

Hello! 哈老(你好)! 안영! Salut!

So... this Winter break I did a bit of traveling. Just a bit! Sorry for the super long wait for a post from us but things have been quite busy since I've been back! :)

I'll share with you my itinerary for now and I will probably have a few things that will continue from this post.  

This will be just a quick overview of the places I went to, my itinerary, and a few of the things I learned.  I shall add more detail later (maybe some secret pics from my travel journal!).

Here we go.

My journey started as follows:
YYZ --> YVR --> HKG.  HKG --> ICN.  ICN --> HKG.  HKG --> SIN --> CDG.  CDG --> FRA --> YYZ.

YYZ - Toronto
YVR - Vancouver
HKG - Hong Kong
ICN - Seoul
SIN - Singapore
CDG - Paris
FRA - Frankfurt

Crazy right?  Well, I didn't necessary choose it, but in the same sense I did.  I was blessed enough and used some Aeroplan points for this trip, except for the ICN portion.  

My favourite thing about this trip was that I could practice all the languages that I know decently enough :)  I would like to believe that I can speak English and Cantonese quite fluently.  I also want to believe that I am at a decent capability with my Mandarin and French.  My Korean is pretty basic but good enough that I can read and ask and understand a few things.

Here are the places I went to and what languages they spoke
YYZ and YVR - English (and French)
HKG - Cantonese (and English and Mandarin)
ICN - Korean (and Mandarin then English)
SIN - ????? They understand English and Mandarin
CDG - French (some English in touristy areas)
FRA - ???? (I can't speak German but let's be real I didn't actually go out and English is quite Germanic)

This is just the beginning of an amazing story to unfold!


Thoughtfully Yours,

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