Saturday, January 04, 2014

50 Things I Learned in 2013. by C.C.

Here are 50 things I learned in 2013.

50. Blogging is a lot of work.
49. Always charge your batteries.
48. Don't regret.
47. Make good choices.
46. Even if you're scared...go forward.
45. Take time to stop and think before doing something.
44. There's no need to line up when boarding a plane... just wait till there's nobody left.
43. Breathing is important.
42. You can't always ignore your thoughts, but you can learn to accept them.
41. Alone and lonely are two different things.
40. Drink a lot of water.
39. Moisturize.
38. Learn to take a look at your options.
37. Practice, Practice, Practice.
36. If you don't use it... you lose it.
35. Sleep on it.
34. Try new things.
33. Being last minute really isn't that bad.
32. Look up.
31. Pray pray pray.
30. Eat pray love.
29. Find something you are good at and keep looking for more.
28. When somebody changes you... take time to find out if it's for better or for worse.
27. Sometimes you have to let people go.
26. Sometimes you have to let people in.
25. Make lots of tea. 
24. Repeat 25 five times.
23. Drink all of the tea.
22. Buy a lot of tea.
21. When making iced teas and lattes, use double the amount of tea.
20. Making tea with just boiling milk is hard.
19. Things that are difficult often yield good results.
18. The law of parsimony.
17. Irony is an interesting thing.
16. Altruism is very hard.
15. Take time for yourself, you deserve it.
14. It's hard to maintain an image.
13. Exercising makes you feel good from the inside out.
12. When something hurts, it means it's probably not good for you.
11. Sometimes, just sometimes you should trust your instincts. 
10. You win some, you lose some.
9. You are more likely to win than lose some.
8. Some things last forever, some don't.
7. Writing clears your mind.
6. Just say no.
5. Repeat 6 until they get it.
4. Ignoring somebody is a lot harder than you'd think.
3. Sometimes it isn't always the end of the world.
2. Spend time with your family.
1. Timing is everything.

Care to share what were yours?

Thoughtfully yours,

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