Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentine's Day is here once again! Call it what you will (ie: single awareness day) but, it's a good day to show someone you care- even if that someone is you. Self love!

Note the cute cards below:

Also chocolate sales post-Valentine's Day don't hurt...

I think self appreciation is very important, and we live in a society where you're considered vain or conceited if you choose to recognize that in yourself. It's more than ok to have positive feelings about yourself and your abilities. Feeling good about yourself gives you the confidence you need in order to achieve things you may not be able to do otherwise. Your good mood and positivity will also rub off on other people. Happy=Healthy!

Do you have any Valentine's plans? I will spending my V-day at home with family (and my kitties), eating good food and probably watching movies. 

Thoughtfully yours,

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