Saturday, February 01, 2014

Best Ways to Procrastinate


Midterm season is slowly approaching, I find myself procrastinating more and more.  Let's look at the most effective ways to procrastinate.


Starting a workout routine.

Studies have shown that physical activity increases academic performance.  Why not procrastinate by 'working out' around 20 minutes a day...then taking another 10 minute shower.  Look at that 30 minute 'wasted'! :)

Drinking lots of water.
So you're 'studying' but then you got thirsty... and before you know it you have consumed over 3 water bottles full of water (I love my camelbak). Good for you!
By now we all know that our body is made of... what...70 something percent... of water so I'm guessing water is a good thing for our body.  Every season.  In the summer it will keep you from being dehydrated from all that sweating you do...sorry... glistening. And in the winter it will keep your skin from being dry from the heated indoors and the dry but freezing outdoors.
Plus that 2 minute walk to refill your water bottle and other 5 minute bathroom breaks will help you with your procrastination endeavours.


Making friends.
Here you are awkwardly sitting in the corner of a relatively quiet room with two strangers sitting a few tables away from you.  As you are 'studying' (jk... I was watching a movie, sorry.), some rando knocks on the window saying "LET ME IN"... you awkwardly look at the other strangers and then you look back at the rando.  Then you shrug and keep 'working'... then the strangers ask if you know the dude and say... "no".  Before you know it you'll start chatting with them and BAM you made friends.
All of the times spent texting and snapchatting will add up to more procrastinated hours!

Moisturizing your skin.
Every time I study I pull out my lip balm and hand cream  5 minutes later and you'll see me constantly reapplying my lip balm (I also do that when I'm bored and nervous).  Soon after you'll see me pull out my hand cream and putting that on (also it will be helpful after your multiple washroom breaks from all the water drinking).  Sometimes I'll be extra and put on some cuticle oil (check out my post about the burt's bee one here!)  Add up more time and yay, you wasted more time.

So, next time you procrastinate maybe consider doing some good for your body and social life :)

Or, just read our blog :)

Cheerios and happy studying!

Thoughtfully yours,

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