Saturday, February 08, 2014

Lazy Fashion: Keeping it Classy

Keeping it Classy

Keeping it Classy by enteen featuring an infinity ring

So Valentine's Day is coming up (February 14th for those of you who were unaware) and some of you have dates.  Some of you have work.  Some of you don't give a care in the world what day it is.  I am in all three.  Of course I have a date... a date with work... and that doesn't matter what day it is (St. Patty's, Valentines, New Years Eve).

The outfit above is simple, yet classy.  A nice blouse wit ha pair of dark jeggings and a grey cardigan.  Accessories pull it all together, a simple pearl necklace and a simple silver ring with a nice pair of knee high boots :).

So for those you who do care...or have an actual valentines date.  Consider making this your outfit instead of those cut up pieces of fabric that somehow classify as clothing, or that super short skirt that is totally not weather appropriate.

Let me know how it goes :)

Thoughtfully Yours,

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