Tuesday, March 04, 2014

February Favourites

I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO POST THIS IN FEBRUARY! (give me a little credit that it was a short month?...okay I guess not) Also... I'm posting this while I should be sleeping... or writing papers since they are all due this week! See how much I love you... or how much I love to procrastinate.

Skincare: The Face Shop -  Clear Away Spot
source : http://www.sasa.com/shop/pimage/10034/106240112001n.jpg

So this is similar to a few other products I heard of before... the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ... I bought this when I got a chance to head home for reading week and it seems to be working.  It's pretty cool cause it basically seems to be a calamine lotion and acne treatment.  You don't shake it as you can see with the "DO NOT SHAKE!". You simply dip your q-tip into the solution and put it on your acne.

I would suggest you to use this overnight.

Makeup: Bobbi Brown - Touch Up Stick
source: http://www.beautezine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Bobbi-Brown-Touch-Up-Stick.jpg
As the weather is getting warmer I have started to stop using my tinted moisturizer... probably also because I am getting lazier (okay, mainly because I left it in my apartment but when I went home I totally forgot... so I needed something to work in it's place!)

This is great and creamy!  I love it :)

Other:  This category keeps changing... I've decided to leave it blank this time. (I think the next time it might be drama/TV show since I've started going crazy again!


Clothing: Canada Goose Jacket - Kensington Parka
source: http://www.canada-goose.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2506L_Black.jpg

Okay... it definitely is getting warmer but there were a few days when it randomly dropped to FREEZINGness... right before it got warm for a week... then froze again.  This jacket has gotten me through these cold cold winters and these long walks.  YES, it's a lot for a jacket and there are alternatives... but this is actually super warm.  

I think I got this 3 years ago, still keeps me warm to date :) (It better!)

Food: Bird's Nest Soup
source: http://img.ksl.com/slc/2509/250918/25091879.jpg

This is probably the most interesting thing to add here.  It is a delicacy in China and I like it made with rock sugar.  Bird's nest is basically spit...... but it's supposedly very nourishing and good for your skin.

I honestly think this may just be my list of most expensive favourites up to date... but February just sorta happened I guess ;) As with February, let's just keep this list short!

Thoughtfully yours,

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