Monday, March 10, 2014

C.C.'s Christmas and New Year Adventure: Part 1 -- Toronto Pearson

Let's start at the beginning of my adventures...

The night before I left I had some wonderful times with my family (I LOVE THEM) but as a procrastinator... I did not pack yet.  You'd think, 2 week trip...maybe pack, but I didn't.

I finally got home and started doing a bit of packing, I don't totally remember what I was packing so I guess I'm not going to do a "how to travel light" guide but overall I only packed a few things. So let's go with the following things:
- leggings
- 1 pair of jeans
- knit/cashmere sweater
- cardigan
- a lot of tank tops
- undergarments
- hoodie
- scarves
- socks
- boots (wore these on the plane)
- flats
- makeup/skincare shtuff
- headbands
- belts
- I wore a watch, necklace and a ring onboard with that wasn't really packed

I just packed a lot of things.

When I was about to leave it was the crazy ice storm of 2013, the day I flew out was the day it started.  My power went out, but PTL I was almost all packed by then and my phone was relatively charged so I could sleep and let the alarm do it's work.

I woke up and got a text notification telling me my departure time was EARLIER than scheduled, I thought that was so weird.  I left the house bright and early in the morning and my dad dropped me off at the terminal.  

I went to check in at the self-serve kiosks (my mom told me to check in online but I said no because I knew they had these kiosks there), then for some odd reason it said it didn't work (should've listened to mom).  I had to stand in the super super long line that at the end of the day... we had to get called out of the line to check in because they almost ran out of time (almost shut down check in time because it was so close to departure).  

I got there 2 hours before my departure time, or was it 3.... I don't remember, either way for domestic you are supposed to be checked in an hour before.  It was silly.  UGH.  On the bright side I met a nice couple flying to Vancouver while in line.  

When I finally arrived at the kiosk the lady tells me I was already checked in and only needed baggage check out.  (WHY!!!!!??? TECHNOLOGY FAILS ME!?) On the bright side I did not have to worry about check in closing since I was already checked-in.  As I finally left that area, waved good bye to the couple,  I started heading towards security.  (The old couple were so nice and ensured that I got to check in at the kiosk first since they knew I had a connecting flight, sidenote: I wasn't that worried about the connecting flight because I was pretty sure the YYZ --> YVR plane is the plane that flies YVR --> HKG, I was right.)  

When I got to security I was freaking out about the gate closing (cause that was how close I was to departure time) and they tell me that everybody is on the same boat so that there was no way for me to move ahead.  At that time I met two other youngens like myself both having connecting flights (1 to HKG and the other to PEK).  The 3 of us instantly bonded and finally got through security and BOOKED IT to the gate.

Of course it was the furthest gate possible when we were running late.  We were actually running through terminal 1, I wonder what people were thinking about us.  Halfway running there I gave up as did the other girl, the guy was still running for his life.  We figured if half the plane is still in check in they probably shouldn't take off considering the implications it would have on their company.

We got to the gate and then I sat down and got ready... in the end the flight was delayed because of the deicing that needed to be done.

To be continued in Vancouver...

Thoughtfully yours,

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