Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trip Planning: Check your devices

If you're like me and haven't been on a real trip in a while (I blame summer courses and work -_-), you might be a bit out of the loop on the best ways to travel. A key part of travel is making sure you can use your electronics in other countries without causing fires, or electrocuting yourself, or breaking your stuff....

Something I recently found out (thanks, mom) is that I actually don't need a converter with my electronics. I can just use an adapter. Also an adapter is not a converter for those of you who are tech challenged. Many electronics that have been manufactured recently are multi-voltage. That is, they can deal with the different  voltages and therefore will not explode. This means my camera, tablet, and phone will be safe. Also my travel will be less bulky. Note: if you are staying in an older building your electronics may still be at risk.

I look for this on my devices:

Multi-voltage device: INPUT AC100 — 240V 50-60Hz 14W OUTPUT DC 1.2V 2.3A

For more information check out this  electricity guide for travellersAs someone that's not an electrical genius, I found it very helpful and easy to understand.

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