Monday, April 28, 2014

Manicure Monday (times two)

(left: BFF right: Eiffel Tower)

I recently dropped by Indigo just to do some retail therapy and picked up these two nail polishes.  One of them I got them for $2.10!! (regular price 8.50).

It took about 2 coats total to get the colour in the bottle (one for Eiffel Tower, but 2 for consistency).

The brand is called coco&lulu by Cake.  It is a 3 Free nail polish!  Take a look below:

The Eiffel Tower has a bit more stay power but I strongly recommend a top coat with these.  I put BFF on my toes and it didn't require any as it was nice and glossy and did not chip.

On the other hand, with it on my finger nails...  it was a nice glossy finish but it chipped quite quickly!

Make sure you drop by Chapters/Indigo to check it out!

Thoughtfully yours,

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